The Bridge: Outdoor Market

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On Oct. 25 we brought relevance outside our usual stomping ground. Mere steps outside the MU Student Center, the Arts and Sciences Mall was the site of The Bridge’s outdoor market— a lively afternoon full of students gathering to hear live music, munch on some food and, of course, survey all of the amazing merchandise we proudly support.

Several of our partners had tables set up surrounding the musicians, including our mega-talented jewelry makers. Jenny Brandt, creator of Jen’s Jewels, showcased some of her simple, trendy necklaces and bracelets, while Bea Doheny, mastermind behind Astronobeads, presented her unique solar-system-inspired chokers, bracelets and necklaces. Strung by Stroh also made an appearance with their one-of-a-kind jewelry line.

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Students looking to amp up their wardrobe definitely found themselves at the right place. Mad & Wild and Maddchild Clothing pulled out all the stops to provide unique pieces, whether it was hand custom denim or reworked tshirts. No Smoking Please also displayed their thrifted, urban-inspired clothes.

The market had no shortage of home decor thanks to Julia Heumann, mastermind behind JH Macrame. Heumann proudly presented her wall plant hangers, as well as her beautiful, hand-crafted macrame.


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The vibe was set by musicians Devin Cline, Charlie Jensen, Matt Mohler and Michael Moedritzer. There wasn’t a listener around who didn’t enjoy the chill tunes they put out, which featured songs from The Lumineers and Mumford and Sons.

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All in all, the outdoor market was a huge success. Big thanks to all who stopped by.

We’ll see you inside the store!


Drew Rogers