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When it comes to being creative, Emilee Meurer says it’s all about soaking up the inspiration around you.

The senior Strategic Communication major has a passion for photography, graphic design, and event planning. Emilee has several creative outlets that she’s pursuing at the moment, so we caught up with her to see what she’s up to this semester.


RELEVANT YOUTH: What are your current creative outlets?

MEURER: I do graphic design at The Crossing. I started last year with mostly social media stuff. Currently, they’re pouring a lot of resources into expanding their communications team which is really cool. I didn’t know much about graphic design going into it, but I had the basics from one of my Strat Com classes. It was scary at first because I didn’t know a ton about design, but The Crossing has been a cool learning environment. I also love photography. 

RY: What are your photography pursuits these days?

MEURER: I’m trying to move towards freelance. Most of my work is found through word-of-mouth. I’m doing some college graduation pictures, mostly portrait sessions. I recently took photos for Delight Ministries which is a campus ministry for women here at Mizzou. I enjoy it a lot!

RY: What do you love about photography, especially as a creative outlet?

MEURER: I’ve always been into photography- i've been taking pictures for a long time. I got a DSLR freshman year and just kind of teetered with it for a bit. I told myself it was just a hobby,that it’s just for fun. but then I said no, I can actually be good at this if I just own that this is a thing that I do, you know? I also remind myself that there’s always someone that started before you, or is better than you, but that shouldn’t stop you from doing it. that was part of what held me back at the beginning. 

RY: Let’s talk about events. How’d you get into planning and what do you like about it?

MEURER: I planned events for IJM last year, which is not always people’s first thought as a creative thing, but it is. last year we did a thrift shop collaboration with The Bridge.those experiences led me to my internship at Sseko in Portland this summer. I was unsure about it since I’m Strat Com, but I did it, and it was really cool! I got to work with lots of different people and it was just so fun. I got to help plan a national conference, so I had a pretty big budget... I just went ham! It was really cool.

RY: What was it like to do creative work in a professional setting?

MEURER: Sseko was a cool place to feel that out because they’re small and very much about people. The internship was kind of what I made it - they gave me a lot of freedom. I befriended the marketing director, who is big on content and blogging, so I learned a ton from her. It was cool to see that when you are just focused on creative work, like you don’t have school and other things… you can really dive deep into it.

RY: What inspires you?

MEURER: I would say other people. Being surrounded by people who are passionate about what they do, whether that’s creative or not, is really encouraging. I think that’s a big part of what inspires me to continue to pursue my creativity.


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